Under 6 Class

Using modern music and based on the technique of several dance styles, including Ballet, Latin, Ballroom and modern styles of the day, this class will help younger children to find their feet and enjoy dancing.      The class is aimed at the UKA Uni-Ted Award Syllabus which is a fun way for pupils to have a purpose or target as well as the enjoyment of dance. 


We encourage Parents to be present, as often as possible, during all our Junior Classes and they are most welcome to use our refreshment facilities whilst their children enjoy their dancing.

All our classes are designed, not only to show children how to enjoy dancing to a variety of types of music, but also to encourage exercise and the application of social skills.

We actively encourage our young dancers to enjoy their own ability, develop confidence, and help others to join this great pastime and, internationally recognised sport. 

4:15 pm